Preclinical Research

SerenaGroup® Innovation Laboratory is a state-of-the art wet laboratory housed within the NEOMED Research, Entrepreneurship, Discovery and Innovation Zone (REDIzone) program. Our Innovation Laboratory, led by Dr. Judy Fulton, is focused on expediting pre-clinical research and advancing basic research from bench-to-bedside.


  • Basic Science
    • Luminex® Multiplex Analyses
    • Protease Activities
    • Stem Cell Detection
    • Genomics
    • Cell Culture
    • Migration Assays
    • In-vitro Wound Models
    • Immunohistochemistry
    • New Method Development
  • Pre-clinical Trials
    • AAALAC Accredited Animal Facility
    • Rodent Wound Models
    • Porcine Wound Models
    • Imaging
    • Animal Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
    • Fluorescence Angiography
  • Clinical Trials
    • SerenaGroups, Inc. Wound Research Clinics
    • Access to chronic wound fluid and tissues

We Can Work With You

  • New Product Development
  • Product Testing
  • Post-Market Mechanism of Action Analyses
  • Collaboration Teams to Meet New Needs
  • Take Ideas to Market