Fellowship Program

Postdoctoral combined fellowship in Advanced Wound healing, Hyperbaric Medicine

This is a one to two year postdoctoral fellowship in Advanced Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine. The fellowship program will focus on training clinical researchers in the full spectrum of care of patients with complex non-healing wounds.

The center for Advanced Wound Care at select SerenaGroup Centers incorporates a multimodality model for wound care and rehabilitation of patients with complex wounds. The focus is on patient- centered care and individualized care plans addressing medical and surgical etiology, gold standards, and new advanced technologies for wound care, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, maximizing functional mobility, and psychosocial issues. The overall goal is restoring the function and improving quality of life of the patient with a chronic wound.

The population of patients seen at the center is diverse, and of all ages. This includes patients with chronic ulcers (venous, diabetic, neuropathic, arterial and pressure ulcers), non-healing surgical wounds, ostomy care, wounds secondary to systemic diseases e.g. lymphedema, cancer, autoimmune, rheumatologic and neuromuscular disorders, and patients with non-life threatening burns.

The fellow will be trained in a highly mentored environment to achieve a high level of competency in the following areas of wound healing:


The fellow will assume a lead role in all ongoing research projects and clinical trials at the wound center. The objectives of training in research include:

Creating sound research protocol/s
Collecting and managing research data
Learning responsible conduct of research
Participating in publications and presentation

The fellow will spend 20 to 50 percent of his/her time in the wound center (clinical time commitment will depend on research productivity)

Fundamentals of wound care prevention and treatment
Understanding the role of oxygen in wound healing and physiologic and therapeutic benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Palliative wound care
Ostomy care
Management of infections secondary to wounds
Fellowship Program | Serena GroupsProcedural Competencies will include:

Punch biopsy
Interpretation of vascular tests
Methods of compression therapies
Off-loading interventions
Simple and complex wound debridements
Epidermal grafting
Application of cell and tissue based therapies
Prescription for support services, prosthetic and orthotics
Negative pressure therapy

The fellow will attend and complete a 40 hour course in Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care Challenges, approved by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. Expenses for the course will be paid by the Serena Group.

Opportunities will include working in close coordination and collaboration with other specialties such as infectious disease, vascular and general surgery, dermatology, rheumatology, oncology, podiatry, wound and ostomy nurses, all of whom work closely with the wound center to provide trans-disciplinary care to the patients.