Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care Challenges

This 40-hour course in hyperbaric medicine is
designed for physicians, nurses, and technicians to
provide an introduction to the use of hyperbaric
oxygen therapy in clinical practice. Upon
completion of this course, you will be able to
demonstrate knowledge and understanding specific
to your discipline through discussion, didactic and
hands on participation including:

• The historical perspective of hyperbaric medicine
• The physical effects of increased pressure and
oxygen on human subjects and physical systems
• The physiological, pharmacological and biochemical
aspects of oxygen under pressure
• Indications for use of hyperbaric oxygen including
currently approved indications outlined by the
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society as well as
experimental and controversial indications
• Contraindications to the use of hyperbaric oxygen
• Assessment and management of the hyperbaric
candidate including assessment of tissue
oxygenation, wound management, infection control,
and management of the critically ill patient
• Oxygen toxicity related to hyperbaric oxygen
• Prevention and management of hyperbaric
emergencies, including seizures, barotrauma,
pneumothorax, hypoglycemia, and cardiac arrest
• In-chamber attendant safety including the use of
decompression tables
• Hyperbaric chamber safety including fire safety,
safety codes, and standards
• Safe chamber operation practices of mono-place
and multiplace chambers including safe
compression and decompression

Event Date: 
Thursday, November 8, 2018 to Sunday, November 11, 2018